Arno Smit


We’ve been saying for a while now that if you’re dreaming of a cabin in the woods with WiFi then Wild Open is for you. We’re calling it off-grid/online: a renewables powered lifestyle that is as connected to nature as it is to the online world.

Empowering ethical lifestyles through minimalist inspiration, zero waste consumption, community action and wildly organised productivity hacks, Wild Open Lifestyle is about bringing the wild into your everyday world.

Featuring eco-homes or in idyllic locations, minimalist styling and eco-fashions of the wildly inspired kind. Nature connection doesn’t only happen in the wild. Wild Open demonstrates how many ways there are to connect to nature in an urban environment, and shares tips and lifehacks for enhancing your tech-life balance.


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Vasumi Zjikaa
4 years ago

Happy to share the beauty and wilds of the place I stay connected to both the wilds and the tech in N Z

Even Dawn
4 years ago
Reply to  Vasumi Zjikaa

Wonderful to hear that Vasumi, dropping into timelessness is a tried and true way of connecting more deeply with nature.