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Statement of Purpose

Wild Open is starting out as an online magazine which will expand to include podcasts, video content, live events and online education.

Wild Open’s primary purpose is to reach into people’s lives through their devices and encourage them to find a deeper connection to nature,¬†because if we don’t connect to something we won’t love it and if we don’t love it we won’t protect it.

Our core focus is:

  • to encourage connection to nature, to each other and to the truth of who we really are within ourselves.
  • to encourage people to participate in nature connection practices, whether it’s from their own home, the local park, a nearby nature reserve or the deep wilderness.
  • to encourage better tech/life balance, increasing physical and psychological wellbeing.

Wild Open will publish content in five main sections: adventure, rewilding, connection, lifestyle and ecotherapy.

The purpose of the adventure section is to connect with audience members who feel the call to adventure and guide them towards a way of being a traveller that has a small ecological footprint and has a positive effect on local cultures who call those wild places their home.

The rewilding section aims to connect our audience with ancestral skills and knowledge, so that they can feel ever more at home in the natural world.

Our content focused on connection will be all about helping people develop deeper connection to self, each other and the natural world.  This includes examining how we can learn to once again live in a way that is mutually beneficial to our species and the biosphere.

The lifestyle section will help our audience explore more nature connected ways of living while at home, including zero waste, off-grid, tiny house life, van life and more.

The ecotherapy section will explore all things to do with nature as therapy, as well as the increasing prevalence of ecological grief and eco-anxiety due to the destruction of the natural world.

Ultimately the purpose of Wild Open is to help people remember that if they increase their sense of connection to them selves, to each other and to the natural world, they will benefit personally and we will all benefit collectively. Wild Open is about specifically sharing those benefits to as many people as possible.

Our Audience Journey

If someone never has any connection to nature we’re hoping to encourage them to start with their back step, the front porch or even the balcony of their high rise apartment. Maybe even the rooftop.

For some a great next step is going to a nearby park and paying attention to the birds and other living things. Maybe a walk in a nature reserve, or a day trip to go hiking for the first time. From here, maybe a camping trip or perhaps a rewilding retreat where people can learn bushcraft skills and nature connection practices while experiencing a truly village-like level of connection to others. Ultimately we want to get people to the point where they’ve become so immersed in these experiences that they start to ask themselves ‘why do we have to go back?’

Some might explore ways of changing their life so that every day is more connected, and for others it might mean finding ways of weaving more connection into their lives as city dwellers.

For those who might become inspired to dramatically change their life towards a more nature connected way, either outside or within the city limits, we’re hoping to provide solutions, assistance and support for that transition too.

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maggie macleod
maggie macleod
2 years ago

interested to relate/pass on my 30 plus years of experience

Even Dawn
2 years ago
Reply to  maggie macleod

Great to hear Maggie! I hope you will subscribe to the mailing list and letting us know how you would like to contribute.

Even Dawn
2 years ago
Reply to  maggie macleod

Hi Maggie,
We’re still getting all our behind the scenes systems set up so that we can start inviting people to contribute. If you have joined the mailing list you’ll get the first emails we send shortly.

Stephen cook
Stephen cook
2 years ago

Would you consider including an art section or original art as an expression of nature connectedness.

Even Dawn
2 years ago
Reply to  Stephen cook

Hello Stephen,
Yes we would and in fact are planning a special section called Into the Deep, which will be part of the Connection section but especially for creative writing and other forms of artistic expression. We have had another enquiry about this same feature, so it seems that it could be an especially interesting section!