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Find your wild
Welcome to Wild Open

We know what it’s like. Weekend long Netflix binges. Scrolling your feeds ’til your eyes hurt. Tumbling down YouTube rabbit holes… and when you should be asleep but someone is wrong on the internet.

We’re part of a generation who has not really been bored since the invention of the smartphone. Yet even with all this virtual connectivity, we know that it’s only a surface level replacement for the depth of connection we’re truly craving.

Wild Open is tapping into the best examples from around the world of rewilding, nature connection and regenerative culture. Growing these concepts into a full-scale cultural movement may be exactly what’s needed to turn the current state of ecological crisis around.

So come along on this journey of culture repair, rewilding and deep connection with the natural world.

Find your wild.

Jonathan Davis honed his skills as a storyteller and media maker in the film and television industry, focusing on the use of media to amplify personal healing and growth for humanity’s collective evolution. Jonathan’s work now extends into sharing skills and knowledge that empower deep nature connection and culture repair.