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So what is Wild Open all about?

Our core goal is to reach into people’s lives through their devices, and remind them how much better things can be if they experience deep nature connection. We want to help people understand the benefits of finding a better tech/life balance. We want to find the best of the wisdom of our ancestors and mix it with the best of the modern world, so we can all imagine and co-create a better future.

Our five main categories of content are: RewildngAdventureLifestyleConnection, and Ecotherapy.

Most of all we want to remind people, at the end of every piece of media we create, that learning about nature connection online is not nature connection. We want people to get outside and connect: to themselves, to each other, and to the natural world.

We’re calling on anyone who has a their own deep sense of connection to the natural world to join us, in this not-for-profit collaborative media project that is Wild Open. We need creative collaborators to help communicate all the amazing things that happen   when humans beings are a little more in touch with their inner wild.

Wenni Zhou

What kind of collaborators are we looking for?

The first stage of Wild Open is this magazine website, with articles shared out through our existing social media platforms. Wild Open is here to make content for an international audience, but it’s also important for us to get outside and create events around rewilding and regenerative culture in our local area. Soon we’ll be adding, podcasts, audio, and video content. A little later we’ll also be taking the material developed in our workshops and retreats and expand it into an online education platform.

At the moment we’re mainly seeking: writers; editors; researchers; interviewers, proof readers; story scouts; photographers and curators. We’re also seeking film and audio producers as well as crew, plus presenters and voice over artists from all nationalities.

We don’t mind if you’re not the most experienced content creator. We’re developing a system of peer mentorship to help make sure the work you publish is always the best it can be.

What we do care about is whether we have a shared purpose, because that’s what holds communities together, and whether you are passionate about rewilding, nature connection and regenerative culture.

Our ancestors invented culture in order to pass on knowledge for the survival and thrival of all future generations. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that this is what culture is actually for… so join us if you want to be part of the remembering.

If you’re interested in joining the Wild Open Network and you want to know more, check out Becoming a Content Creator next.

If you’re ready to sign up and become part of the Wild Open team click through to subscribe to the mailing list and check the boxes that apply to you.

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